Call of Cthulhu

Wet Work
Episode V: We're going to need a bigger boat
Wet Work
Episode IV: Summon Bigger Fish

The characters have investigate the islands only to find a destroyed pirate base. The few survivors speak of an attack by the underwater natives and tell tales of horror and violence as other survivors were dragged away or devoured on the spot. Woogie finds himself a prisoner underwater in some strange cave, bound to coral and with other prisoners. Some of them are university students others appear to be pirates. There is a loud incessant drumming that vibrates through the water. All the prisoners are wearing an odd jelly fish like air bubble that is some how keeping them alive underwater. The rest of the PCs have begun a rescue mission with the sub being remotely piloted by Capt Quint and the team in scuba gear looking to free their comrade and obtain the artifact. They stumble upon a gruesome ritual where the Old ones are sacrificing one of the university students. Woogie feverishly works to free himself and the team is poised to strike….

Wet Work
Episode III: Why are they never friendly?

The PCs have made it to the ruins without incident on board the Drunken Sea Turtle, piloted by Captain Quint. Upon arriving at the site, the weather is stormy and water is choppy. Sensors indicate large numbers of lifeforms in the area. The team rigs their only submersible with explosives and dive down to investigate. Having successfully located the artifact, they are greeted by the supposedly non-existent native species. They are not friendly. Woogie in a bold* move jumps off the sub and attempts to take on 5 of the creatures. He is quickly captured and dragged into the depths. The rest of the team heads to the surface to re group. The sensors have picked up a distress signal from an unexplored group of islands near by. The PCs head to investigate. Eleanor begins attempting to track Woogie using the secret tracking beacons placed in all the PCs.

Wet Work
Episode II :Sea Turtles....and Hair from me back

The PCs have gathered a team consisting of young security chief looking for his daughter, who was on the research vessel, a grizzled old sea captain crazy enough to take them out and a odd ball professor who made the initial discovery….

Wet Work
Episode 1: Oh that looks nice

Dr. Nakamura has finished reassembling the A.A.D.S to Eleanor. She begins integrating the data & tools. “This will take a while”, she informs the group, and “I will keep you updated on my progress of integrating the data base and tools into my own system. I should be able to help interpret things for as well as assist in some of the “puzzles” that guards the artifacts. Also as you gather additional data and artifacts I will be able to incorporate that into my data banks and hopefully pinpoint the location of the remaining artifacts. While I am working on this, Mr. C has provided me with the next briefing….
“Greetings gentle beings, excellent work on acquiring the A.A.D.S, but I am very impressed at your recruiting ability. Dr. Nakamura is an invaluable asset to the mission as a whole and the addition of the Ewok and Togorian round out the team nicely. Forgive me; I never caught your names. A pleasure to meet you both, I am Mr. C. Welcome to the team. I have added $50,000 credits to the mission fund and you each have received $5,000 credits to your individual accounts. Job well done.
Pleasantries aside, I have another mission for you. A few weeks ago on the planet Karah, a local University team uncovered ancient ruins on the sea floor. They began an excavation and uncovered a massive city. I have managed to acquire some of the team’s photos. What caught my eye was this planet was supposed uninhabited, I read further and noticed that one of the site photos, is one of the artifacts. If you look closely the statues are holding scepters, one of these scepters will be marked with special characters. Eleanor should be able to help you identify the correct one. I need the entire scepter returned intact. I would simply purchase the artifact from the University, but the research team went missing 2 days ago. An S.O.S was sent and when the local security team arrived, only scattered remains of the research vessel remained. Your main points of contact are Professor Matt Hooper, Security Chief Martin Brody and a local charter captain named Sam Quint. Good luck gentle beings.”

Mission One Complete
The more the merrier

Doc, Kilgore and Woogie, successfully entered the system and managed to “procure” security uniforms and transport to the Rosen Research lab. It is there that they were joined by “Death Claw” and Jooles, who were being held captive there for reasons unknown. With their new added friends, they managed to convince Dr. Nakamura to join their ranks and steal the A.A.D.S with them. Through some luck, charm, and quick talking, they made it out of the lab and out to the country side where they awaited pick up by SP-57.

Character points are weighted on the following scale:

Mission completion: 0-5 Bonuses: No one killed, no alarms triggered, no shoot out, no character points spent, no force points spent (max 5)

Role playing: 0-5 Bonuses: Staying in character, good ideas, cooperation, minimal distractions, and of course, good role playing.

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Whatever you do, don't push the red button......WOOGIE NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
episode 5

The PCs have successfully lured out Vector security guards and managed to steal a company speeder and guard uniforms. They are headed to the Research Lab as the darkest part of the night settles in. Elanor informs them that the labs begin normal hours and full staff compliment at 8AM which is in 3 hours. The winding city streets give way to a single road leading to the large research facility atop a hill. There is a 10’ shock fence and only one entrance at the front. There is a guard’s both with 2 armed security guards visible. A few lights can be seen on in the facility as it appears some research only occurs at night…

Adventure 1
Haven't I seen you before

And so the adventure begins. All the PCs receiving a short and cryptic message inviting them to attend a meeting.

Ch.1 - Mr. C I presume?

The basics:

  • Picked up individually
  • Training and face time with group
  • Met employer
  • Rode on creepy ship
  • Received gifts
  • Given 1st mission on Onnbarr II
  • Rosen Labs info
  • Black Market Meet-up
  • Curb Stomp
  • Five ’O

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