Call of Cthulhu

Wet Work

Episode III: Why are they never friendly?

The PCs have made it to the ruins without incident on board the Drunken Sea Turtle, piloted by Captain Quint. Upon arriving at the site, the weather is stormy and water is choppy. Sensors indicate large numbers of lifeforms in the area. The team rigs their only submersible with explosives and dive down to investigate. Having successfully located the artifact, they are greeted by the supposedly non-existent native species. They are not friendly. Woogie in a bold* move jumps off the sub and attempts to take on 5 of the creatures. He is quickly captured and dragged into the depths. The rest of the team heads to the surface to re group. The sensors have picked up a distress signal from an unexplored group of islands near by. The PCs head to investigate. Eleanor begins attempting to track Woogie using the secret tracking beacons placed in all the PCs.


Bold is my middle name

Wet Work
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