Call of Cthulhu

Wet Work

Episode IV: Summon Bigger Fish

The characters have investigate the islands only to find a destroyed pirate base. The few survivors speak of an attack by the underwater natives and tell tales of horror and violence as other survivors were dragged away or devoured on the spot. Woogie finds himself a prisoner underwater in some strange cave, bound to coral and with other prisoners. Some of them are university students others appear to be pirates. There is a loud incessant drumming that vibrates through the water. All the prisoners are wearing an odd jelly fish like air bubble that is some how keeping them alive underwater. The rest of the PCs have begun a rescue mission with the sub being remotely piloted by Capt Quint and the team in scuba gear looking to free their comrade and obtain the artifact. They stumble upon a gruesome ritual where the Old ones are sacrificing one of the university students. Woogie feverishly works to free himself and the team is poised to strike….


I believe valor is the better part of valor.

Wet Work
elgrecochilean elgrecochilean

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