Call of Cthulhu

Mission One Complete

The more the merrier

Doc, Kilgore and Woogie, successfully entered the system and managed to “procure” security uniforms and transport to the Rosen Research lab. It is there that they were joined by “Death Claw” and Jooles, who were being held captive there for reasons unknown. With their new added friends, they managed to convince Dr. Nakamura to join their ranks and steal the A.A.D.S with them. Through some luck, charm, and quick talking, they made it out of the lab and out to the country side where they awaited pick up by SP-57.

Character points are weighted on the following scale:

Mission completion: 0-5 Bonuses: No one killed, no alarms triggered, no shoot out, no character points spent, no force points spent (max 5)

Role playing: 0-5 Bonuses: Staying in character, good ideas, cooperation, minimal distractions, and of course, good role playing.

Add comments to gain bonus points


Look at the flashing red light Doctor Nakumura.

Mission One Complete

Oh yeah and mission reports, debriefs, journal entries will get you more CPs as well.

Mission One Complete
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