Call of Cthulhu

Wet Work

Episode 1: Oh that looks nice

Dr. Nakamura has finished reassembling the A.A.D.S to Eleanor. She begins integrating the data & tools. “This will take a while”, she informs the group, and “I will keep you updated on my progress of integrating the data base and tools into my own system. I should be able to help interpret things for as well as assist in some of the “puzzles” that guards the artifacts. Also as you gather additional data and artifacts I will be able to incorporate that into my data banks and hopefully pinpoint the location of the remaining artifacts. While I am working on this, Mr. C has provided me with the next briefing….
“Greetings gentle beings, excellent work on acquiring the A.A.D.S, but I am very impressed at your recruiting ability. Dr. Nakamura is an invaluable asset to the mission as a whole and the addition of the Ewok and Togorian round out the team nicely. Forgive me; I never caught your names. A pleasure to meet you both, I am Mr. C. Welcome to the team. I have added $50,000 credits to the mission fund and you each have received $5,000 credits to your individual accounts. Job well done.
Pleasantries aside, I have another mission for you. A few weeks ago on the planet Karah, a local University team uncovered ancient ruins on the sea floor. They began an excavation and uncovered a massive city. I have managed to acquire some of the team’s photos. What caught my eye was this planet was supposed uninhabited, I read further and noticed that one of the site photos, is one of the artifacts. If you look closely the statues are holding scepters, one of these scepters will be marked with special characters. Eleanor should be able to help you identify the correct one. I need the entire scepter returned intact. I would simply purchase the artifact from the University, but the research team went missing 2 days ago. An S.O.S was sent and when the local security team arrived, only scattered remains of the research vessel remained. Your main points of contact are Professor Matt Hooper, Security Chief Martin Brody and a local charter captain named Sam Quint. Good luck gentle beings.”


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