Thick for a verpine, Doc still walks with an odd gait due to several injuries to his left leg. He can be very gruff and sticks out like a sore thumb in his own species. He is a pariah among verpine due to his differing philosophical beliefs and dislike of the hive-mind. Also, there are rumors of Doc eating his own eggs, a truly heinous act by any moral standards.

Character Points – 10
Force Points – 1

Dex 2D
Blaster – 6D+1
Dodge – 6D

Know 1D+1

Str 3D
Brawling (Martial Arts) (5D+2)

Mech 3D+2
Jet Pack (Hush) (4d+2)
Powersuit Ops (NOVA) (4D+2)
Repulsorlift Ops 5D+1
Starship Gunnery 5D

Per 4D
Con 5D
Sneak 5D

Tech 4D
First Aid 4D+1
Computer Program Repair 4D+1

•Gear Bag
•All Purpose Tool Kit
•Synth rope (100ft)
•Business Suit
•Black Flight Suit
•Under Armor Body Glove
•Utility Backpack
•Data Pad
•Head Set
•Med Kit
•Survival Kit

  • Flash Light
  • Spade
  • Tent
  • Bag
  • Water Purifier
  • Rations
    •Heavy Blaster Pistol – 5d+1
    •Nova-Tech Power Suit – +3d P +2d E
    •A8 Sniper Rifle – 6d
    C3P0 Unit’s head
    Messenger Droid – STR 3D
    Blaster Carbine – 5D
  • Bio:

    A Living Legend, Doc is known for his exploits during the rebellion. He was at one time a privateer working for the rebels until he and his unit joined as officers after the battle at Yavin. He was known for his combat prowess, and his unit was one of the most effective in the war. They were experts in hit an run tactics and were extremely loyal, until one mission got the better of them. His unit was in the middle of a guerilla campaign in the inner rim, and ran upon the Imperial transport “Setting Sun.” This ship ended up being filled with millions of credits worth of confiscated spice, and corrupted Doc’s unit to go AWOL. Presumed KIA, Doc fled to the Outer Rim, where he proceeded to live a life of luxury before the money dried up. Now, several years later and in a hangover’s grip, he must face the fact that he is at a dead end in life, and without the credits to even fill the tank on his highly modified L19, the “Pretty Hate Machine” he is taking this job to help build a fortune once more, and to again sit at the VIP box seats on the gaming world of Solaris.

    Armed only with his old NOVA Tech power suit and a lot of rust to shake off, he has set out once again into the line of fire to etch out a life, and to take his piece of the pie.


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