Dr, Matt Hooper

Local History and Anthropology Professor. Ancient Alien Theorist


Dr. Hooper is a well kept man and thinks of himself as a modern Indiana Jones. He is in shape and armed with a blaster and gear, but lacks real experience. He has read all the manuals, guides and seen the movies though. He is very easy going and has a casual demeanor about most things. Has a faint scent of Purple Sea Grass about him.


Matt Hooper came from a long line of successful astrophysics researchers. Halfway through his first semester at the Royal Academy of Astrophysics, he transfer to South Seas University and took up Anthropology. He claims to have had a vision and message sent to him from Ancient Aliens. He graduated and became a teacher at the University, continuing his research. Was considered a joke until the recent discovery of ruins in the ocean. This planet, after carefully survey, was deemed to posses no sentient species and no signs of prior inhabitants. He has become a sort of local celebrity. Although he was always been popular with the local campus hippies and float disc players.

Dr, Matt Hooper

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