Dr. Nakumura

Leader in the field of alien cryptology


Small Duro Male. Nerdy in demeanor and posture, yet speaks with an air of superiority. Looks down upon those who resort to physical violence (refers to them as mindless brutes). Some what prejudice towards Wookies, feels nervous around them and is extremely allergic to their hair (Prolonged exposure results in sneezing fits). Extremely delusional of own physical abilities. Napoleon Complex.

Dexterity: 3D

Knowledge: 4D
Alien Species: 5D
Cultures: 4D+1
*Specialization: Ancient Alien Languages: 5D
Planetary Systems: 5D+1
Scholar: -Alien Archaeology: 6D
Scholar: -Ancient Alien Civilizations: 6D
Scholar: -Ancient Alien Cryptology: 6D

Mechanical: 2D

Perception: 3D+1

Strength: 2D+2

Technical: 3D
Computer Pro/Rep:
Droid Pro/Rep:

Data pad
Hand Held Image Scanner/Analyzer
Lab coat
custom utility belt


His father is the head of Nakumura Corp one of the leading manufacturers of Hyperdrive Engines used in various space crafts. He is the the youngest of 5 children and the runt of the group. His brothers are all leading scientists in their fields and his older twin brother is a famous starship commander (who’s twice his size) whom he NEVER likes talking about. He firmly believes that he was fully capable of what his twin brother had accomplished had he had the same opportunities like attending the Academy(which he did but is in full denial). He thinks his twin is a complete douche but in reality he’s actually a pretty cool dude.
For whatever reason he feels that he needs to prove that he is worthy a worthy successor to his father. He is determined to make something of himself on his own and sees it as a competition (even though his siblings do not at all). Being the youngest his mother has always been overly protective of him and might still be secretly keeping tabs of his whereabouts.
He hates his existence as a researcher in a lab where he is studying languages and seeks a life of adventure (but till this day has been too timid to go out and seek himself). His mother wants him to go back home and take a job with his father at the company but he refuses to do so and will not ask them for help. Not known to him his father secretly got him the job he currently has as the lead scientist.

Dr. Nakumura

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