8ft tall space cat pirate dandy boy (Tongorian) [Picture pending]


-Melee 6D
-Dodge 7D

specialization: Fashion 3D


-persuasion 5D
specialization: Fast Talk: 6D
-search 5D
specialization: Tracking: 6D

-brawling: 6D


Move: 14/17

With a flamboyant attitude and deep narcissism, perhaps it’s the persona of a dangerous megalomaniac or the calculated facade of a cunning con man, but the answer still may be all the more simple, Jooles might just be retarded. During Joole’s prenatal development his mother, on her tour of the galaxy, may have ingested some substances and been around places pregnant women should avoid. Despite this, or perhaps because of it Jooles has a strange charisma about him. His words have the persuasive innocence of a child, for they are spoken by a man with the mental capacity of one.


(contained in locker)
Knives (Str+1D)
Sword (Str+2D+2)
throwing knives
stylishly tailored blast vest (1 phys/en) with matching jump suit
blaster pistol (4D)
Grenades (Jooles likes round things, especially round shiny things)
-smoke (pink, purple, blue, yellow) (
1D cover, +2D to sneak)


Unlike most of his species, Jooles was born off planet in Cloud City while his mother was on a long vacation/information gathering on entertainment and pop culture throughout the galaxy. Though only an infant, the sights and sounds of the city would leave a strong impression on Jooles. Back on Togoria, when Jooles lived with his mother in the capital city of Caross, he spent most of his days watching vids of pop dramas and glam concerts, occasionally his mother would use him as the model for her forays into the world of galactic fashion. There comes a day in every little Togorian boy’s life though when he comes of age, leaves the city of his mother and joins his father to learn the ways of the hunt in the rolling green plains of Togoria, and eventually that day came.
Jooles’s father is one of the greatest hunters in the history of Togoria, his swordsmanship had earned him the right to pitch a tent with the Margrave, the patriarch of all Togorians. As males and females live largely separate lives the father was horrified to see the soft headed fop that he had sired. Joole’s father forced his son to watch as he burned all of his matching outfits, the sight of lime green velvet curling into blackened ash around rhinestone encrusted lapels would forever be burned into the young Togorian’s memory (Jooles does not ever speak of this). Gone were the idyllic days of saturday morning cartoons, replaced with a torturous existence of intense training in ill cut, drab colored leathers.
But fate had more planned for this painfully fashionable sapient feline. On a rare visit to his mother’s in the city Joole’s incredibly sharp sense picked up the curious fashion of outworlders, a ship had docked for resupplying. Instinct born of an apex hunter were now drawn to digest every flared cuff, every buckle and thread born by the men of the stars. Jooles made his way aboard their ship, an accident of curiosity that would set him off that stupid monotone planet and towards destiny. It wasn’t long until Jooles was discovered (in the captain’s wardrobe trying on a dazzling blue longcoat with matching grav boots), and thus began his career as a dazzling, self absorbed space faring swash buckler of a thousand outfits. Or maybe he wound up stuck in a cage somewhere.


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