General Operations Droid Mk 06.06.06


Dex: 4D

  • Blaster-6D
  • Melee-5D
  • Dodge-4D+1

Per: 3D

  • Search-3D+2
  • Sneak-3D+1
  • Investigation-3D+2

Know: 3D

  • Planetary Systems-3D+1
  • Alien Species-3D+1
  • Law Enforcement-3D+1

Str: 5D

  • Brawl-5D+2

Mech: 2D

Tech: 3D

  • Droid Repair-4D
  • Droid Program-4D
  • Armor Repair-3D+1


2D Armor (Phys and Energy)
Shotgun mic
Laser mic
Laser link
Comm link
Micro manipulators
Flash lights
Universal translator/vocalizer
Multi spectrum optics and audio scanners
Plasma storage tanks/transportation ducts
Computer link/interface
Environmental seals (water/pressure/sand/space/jungle/etc.)
Magnetic couplings on feet, knees, hands, elbows
Storage compartments in things, lower legs, chest, lower back, upper arms, forearms.

CP – 2
FP – 1

Cash – 6.5K

Kills – 8


1x Vibro blades in each arm (STR+2D)
Integrated deck sweeper in torso (6D Stun), 45degree arc, 3/5/10
Blaster pistol 4D
Blaster carbine 5D
Medium Repeater 7D
2x Neuronic Whips 5D Stun or STR+1D (Charge lasts for 3 hours regardless of setting. Uses standard power packs)
2x Plasma Swords 5D energy. 10 minutes of chage. Can be charged at a rate of 1minute per 5 minutes of charging


R2 droid (requisitioned before the Scepter Debacle)


Highly advanced, semi-autonomous combat droid from only the Force knows where. Not look for answers to his past, “he’s” more out to make some cash and improve upon “his” combat abilities. Does not suffer from the usual droid inhibitions about harming organics. Due to an experimental dual core power system, this series of combat droid need never shut down or pug in to recharge itself. The magnetic containment fields help to recharge each other while one core is running and the other absorbs the heat and excess energy to replenish itself. This unique power system allows unprecedented range for the units. Additionally, the cores are capable of producing excess plasma that can be stored in special containment areas within the droid body, allowing for the integration of close range plasma weapons that will no longer need to be charged as well. The only downside is that in the event of both cores having their containment fields breached, will result in an explosion roughly equivalent to a handful of thermal detonators going off.

A “veteran” of numerous covert actions (assassinations, government changes, etc.), tends to be hired for high risk actions. Doesn’t ask questions and doesn’t talk much. Prefers to communicate via radio and laser. Uses the comm link more often than not. Last known specimen of his series.

Around 6’8 and 400lbs.

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