A Rodian Bounty Hunter who punns his victums to death....


Standing roughly 5’6" with a medium build, Novak isn’t very physically imposing(even in his armor). In fact, his only feature that marks him as a dangerous acquaintance is the vicious scar running down through his left eye, partially covered by an eye patch.

Dexterity 4D
Blaster: 5D
-SP Blaster Pistol: 5D+2
Dodge: 5D+1
Thrown Weapons: 5D+1

Knowledge 3D
languages: Ewok, Huttese

Mechanical 2D
Starship Gunnery: 3D+1
Repulsorlift Ops: 2D+1

Perception 3D
Sneak: 4D
Fast Talk: 4D

Strength 4D

Technical: 2D

Camo Armor – Torso, Arm, Leg( +1D Phys, +2D Ener, +1D against search and perception if not moving)
Concussion Helmet – Head( +2 Phys)

Ranged -
DL-22 Blaster Pistol x2(dam 4D+1)
Throwing Knife x5(dam Str+1D)
Melee -
Wrist Blade (dam Str+1D+2)
Explosives -
Frag Grenades x9(dam 5D/4D/3D/2D based on radius of 0-2/4/6/10)


Novak was a promising young bounty hunter for the Hutts until an extermination order was put out on his entire clan. This led to a price being put on his head that ended his career with the Hutts. He was forced to change his name(his original has long since been forgotten) and would have done the same to his face, were it not for a particularly nasty fight that got the job done at the cost of his left eye(interestingly enough, this was cheaper than his HMO). Novak laid low as a volunteer at an orphanage until his new identity took, and the bounty was dropped when he was presumed dead. He’s returned to bounty hunting, but steers clear of the Hutts. His time at the orphanage has instilled an inexplicable hatred of orphans, the mere idea of which outrages his sensibilities and spurs him to violence. His only respite for that brief time, was in his relations with a small bear-like creature that snuck around and stole food and supplies from their stock. Novak found this creature to be likably sadistic(often times it would push over and trip the orphans and run away laughing). The two became fast friends, nutnut(as he was called) teaching Novak his language and providing hours of hilarity at the orphans’ expenses. In exchange, Novak taught nutnut the basics of demolitions after he was mesmerized by a prank Novak pulled involving a toilet and a cherry bomb. Nutnut caught a starship off of the planet not long before Novak left and the two haven’t seen each other since.

Recent History:
Novak has had a string of good jobs recently after meeting Cato and Skeetbot at a blastboat competition. They parted ways after some great battles and a hefty sum of credits. Since then, Novak has taken a break from hunting to enjoy the two great S’s in life….spice and space whores. His hiatus is growing weary and his funds are drying up though, and he is actively seeking some excitement and cash.


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