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Here is the background:

Three years after Palpatine’s death, Coruscant, the former capital of both the Old Republic and the Empire, fell to the New Republic. Imperial forces salvaged what they could and fled to stronghold areas such as the Deep Galactic Core and pockets of the Outer Rim Territories.

While the New Republic waged its military campaign against rogue military commanders such as Warlord Zsinj, it also dealt with the challenges of keeping the peace among its member worlds. Internal squabbles plagued the New Republic’s government: the conflicts between the Mon Calamari and the Bothans were but the best-known of the lingering feuds. Other struggles were concealed by the language of diplomats. Imperial sympathizers remained active in many planetary

governments, stirring resentment against the laws of the New Republic. Those who profited from policies of the Emperor retaliated through force and sabotage when the New Republic’s “idealistic diplomats” promised to remove those fortunes in the name of “justice.” Many member worlds owed allegiance to the New Republic in name only, their governments retaining the same

bureaucrats who brought terror to enslaved populations under the Empire. The New Republic set its sights on bringing universal laws and rights to the galaxy, yet provincial and local law was found more often than not. The economy faltered due to the devastation inflicted upon the galaxy’s communications and transportation networks. All these factors posed a serious threat to the New Republic’s stability and there are other forces out there slowly gathering power.

A message has gone out to each of our intrepid adventures….